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The Bridge Benefice The Bridge Benefice The Bridge Benefice The Bridge Benefice The Bridge Benefice

Welcome to the Bridge Benefice

We are a group of five rural church congregations under three parishes, Patrixbourne with Bridge, Bekesbourne and Nackington with Lower Hardres. We work together as the Bridge Benefice. All churches are within a few miles south of the Cathedral City of Canterbury.

Upcoming Services

Sunday 4th November

  • Nackington - no service this week
  • Lower Hardres - no service this week
  • Bridge - 6:00pm All Souls evensong
  • Patrixbourne - no service this week
  • Bekesbourne - 10:00am Benefice Service for All Saints Family Communion

Sunday 11th November

  • Nackington - 9:30am Morning Prayer with Hymns followed by wreath laying
  • Lower Hardres - 10:45am Act of Remembrance
  • Bridge - 10:50am Act of Remebrance followed by service
  • Patrixbourne - no service this week
  • Bekesbourne - 8:00am BCP Holy Communion followed by short act of Remembrance

Sunday 18th November

  • Nackington - no service this week
  • Lower Hardres - 9:30am Family Service
  • Bridge - 11:00am Choral Eucharist
  • Patrixbourne - 8:00am BCP Holy Communion
  • Bekesbourne - 9:30am Sung Eucharist

Sunday 25th November

  • Nackington - 9:30am Sung Eucharist
  • Lower Hardres - no service this week
  • Bridge - 8:00am BCP Holy Communion // 11:00am Community Worship
  • Patrixbourne - 9:30am Matins
  • Bekesbourne - No service this week

Sunday 2nd December

  • Nackington - 8:00am BCP Holy Communion
  • Lower Hardres - 11:00am Family Communion
  • Bridge - 6:00pm Evensong
  • Patrixbourne - 9:30am Sung Eucharist
  • Bekesbourne - 10:00am Songs of Praise 
More Services


Welcoming Pilgirms to Patrixbourne - April 2018.

Patrixbourne was delighted to welcome many pilgrims and their families on their journey to Canterbury last week. They braved an overnight stay before heading on towards the city. 

Palm Sunday Procession

The Palm Sunday procession from the Vicarage to Bridge Church. 

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