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Welcome to the Bridge Group Parish

We are a group of five rural church congregations joined as one single parish. All churches are within a few miles south of Canterbury and are overseen by our Vicar, Reverend Estella Last.

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Service details and readings for Services in June 2021

booking is still ESSENTIAL to comply with government guidlines



Known as


Church Service

6th June

1st Sunday after Trinity


(Environment Sunday)

Genesis 3.8-15; Psalm 130; 2 Corinthians 4.13-5.1; 

Mark 3.20-35

8am BCP Communion St Mary’s, Nackington


10am St Peter’s Bekesbourne


Online option


6th June

1st Sunday after Trinity

Psalm 37:1-11[12-17]

Jeremiah 6:16-21

Romans 9:1-13

6pm Parish Evensong St Mary’s Lower Hardres

13th June

2nd Sunday after Trinity

Ezekiel 17.22-24; Psalm 92.1-4,12-15; 2 Corinthians 5.6-10(11-13)14-17; 

Mark 4.26-34

10am Parish Communion

St Peter’s Bridge


Online option

20th June

3rd Sunday after Trinity


Job 38.1-11; Psalm 107.1-3,23-32; 2 Corinthians 6.1-13; Mark 4.35-41

10am Parish Communion

St Peter’s Bridge


Online option

27th June

4th Sunday after Trinity

Lamentations 3.22-33; Psalm 30; 2 Corinthians 8.7-15; Mark 5.21-43

10am Parish Communion

St Peter’s Bridge


Online option

4th July

5th Sunday after Trinity

Ezekiel 2.1-5; Psalm 123; 2 Corinthians 12.2-10; Mark 6.1-13

8am BCP Communion St Mary’s, Nackington


10am St Peter’s Bekesbourne


Online option


4th July

5th Sunday after Trinity

Psalm 64

Jeremiah 20:1-11a

Romans 14:1-17

6pm Parish Evensong St Mary’s Lower Hardres


If you wish to attend a service, as we have to limit numbers according to Government Rules, you MUST contact us to let us know that you are coming. Please reserve your place by emailing or calling 01227 206272

Churches open for private Prayer from Monday 31st August

Unless circumstances change, the churches of the Bridge Group Parish will be open for Personal prayer / Quiet time on the days and times listed below

Name of Church

Open Days / Times


St Peter’s Bridge

Wednesday 10-4

St Peter’s Bekesbourne

Sunday 10-12

St Mary’s Patrixbourne

Tuesday 2-4

Saturday 10-1

St Mary’s Nackington

Wednesday 10-4

Sunday 10-4

St Mary’s Lower Hardres

Monday 10-4

Thursday 10-4


  • There may be someone present to welcome you when you visit.
  • Please observe Social Distancing (2 metres) while inside the church building and follow any instructions given.
  • You will be asked to leave a name and contact number (for track and trace purposes) but these details will only be held for 21 days after which they will be destroyed.
  • You will also be asked to leave a notice on the seat you have used when you leave.
  • The Vicar is available if you would like to make an appointment for Prayer / Pastoral visit (01227 206272)

Thank you so much for your patience and understanding.



Online Giving

Monday 1st June 2020

Supporting our churches financially during the Coronavirus Pandemic

Our churches rely heavily on donations made each week via the collection plate and our regular fundraising events and concerts which take place during the year. Sadly during this time when we cannot gather we have seen a drop in our income. We know this is true for many people out there and that many people are feeling the financial impact of our current situation. We are doing all that we can to provide support within our local communities and to keep everyone connected through online services, phone calls and correspondence, especially with those on their own. Even though our buildings are currently closed to the public, there is still a financial cost to the work and ministry of the church and the bills still need to be paid. If you are in a financial position to do so we would be grateful for any donation you are able to make to help support our churches in these difficult times.

You can now donate buy clicking on the link to our giving page

Thank you.



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To find further information and guidance on Covid 19 and The Corona Virus visit the NHS  here or  the U.K Government  here

Sunday 20th June 2021


Dear Everyone

I guess the traditional greeting today might be Happy Father's Day! Not something we celebrate particularly in Church except perhaps in the sense that every Sunday we celebrate the love of our heavenly Father. I pray whatever today holds for you, sadness at loss or broken relationship or the joy of celebration with family, that you know the love of God in all its constancy. 

Once again I will be aiming to upload a recording of our 10am Service this morning at some point during the day. 

If you are someone who leads prayers of intercession (or if you would like to think about giving this a go) our Deanery is arranging a prayer workshop on the morning of  10th July. It is open for anyone who might be interested in finding out more about different ways into prayer. If you would like to take part please let me know so that we can book you a place. 

Whatever you are doing today, have a blessed day. 

In Christ



Sunday 13th June 2021

Dear Everyone

This week, I will film the Morning Service at Bridge and upload it later in the day for those who would like to join in with our worship online. 

Our weekly sheet is here with the readings and various notices. 

Our Churchwardens met during the week to think through options for our worshipping life together in the coming months. We are really pleased with the successful reintroduction of Evensong, beautifully sung by the choir and with a joyful rendition of The Day thou gavest outside in the churchyard at Lower Hardres at the end last Sunday and look forward to more of this. 

This week the PCC are meeting on Wednesday so please make sure you let your Churchwardens or Parish reps know if you have any questions or matters for them to raise. 

Today after our main service I am baptising 3 children from two families who attend Bridge School - which is a real joy! Please pray for these children as they make this important step on their journey of faith. 


Have a blessed Sunday



Here is the link to the recording of this morning's service at St Peter's. Again the sound quality is a little on the quiet side so you may need to adjust the volume on your device. 




Sunday 6th June 2021

Dear Everyone

At the time of writing I am very much looking forward to three services in our Parish tomorrow - all pretty much fully booked to our current Covid Safe maximums which is such a joy! 

Unfortunately due to technical difficulties I haven't been able to upload an online service for you yet - but I plan to film our early service this morning and will upload it and send a link out as soon as I can later today. 

Hopefully at some point soon we will be able to reintroduce coffee and fellowship after our services - I'm afraid our online coffee and chat will have to stop for the time being as Sundays return to something more like normal. However as mentioned previously I can now conduct home visits so do get in touch if you would like to arrange a date. 

Every blessing


Sunday 30th May 2021

Dear Everyone


As you know I am taking a break this weekend so there is no online service from the parish however there are lots of opportunities for online worship. Here is a link to the service at Canterbury Cathedral which will be live streamed at 10.30am and available to view after that using the same link:

You will also know that during the week we held our Annual Meeting - the Minutes from this meeting are not publicly available for a year .

Also here is our weekly sheet - please take note of the details regarding bookings for services. Although restrictions have changed for hospitality venues etc., places of worship still have to abide by 2m social distancing and mandatory mask wearing so it is important that you book if you would like to attend a service. Please can we ask for your bookings to be received by 5pm on the preceding Friday. 

Lastly thanks to the relaxation in restrictions and the fact that I am fully vaccinated, I am now able to offer home visits. If you would like me to visit you at home - there doesn't have to be a specific reason, just for a chat is fine - I would be pleased to do so. Please do get in touch to arrange a date and time. I will be back in the office at the end of the week. 

Every blessing


Sunday 23rd May 2021- Pentecost


Dear Everyone

Happy Pentecost!! (or something?)

Here is a link for our online service this morning which includes a sermon from Bishop Rose (we will also hear this sermon in church this morning for those who are able to attend. weekly sheet.


In case last week's great news about our new Curate has caused any confusion please note that Miriam Westendarp, who many of you know is now recognised for our work with us as our Lay Chaplain and our new Curate is Miriam Bier Hinksman who will not be joining us until September. 

Just a reminder that our APCM takes place this week on Wednesday evening - do let us know if you would like to attend in person or via Zoom.

The weekly sheet attached contains the readings for today and the words for the final hymn - which we will sing outside today weather permitting and which is included in the service video. Let's hope we see some sunshine soon!

Every blessing



Sunday 16th May 2021- Easter Thy Kingdom Come 3

Dear Everyone

Thank you again to everyone who came to the service at Bridge last week - what a joy! This week I have been joking that it feels like 'Low Sunday' - the name usually given to the Sunday after a major festival like Easter or Christmas.

Here is the link for our service this morning and the weekly sheet


In our service this morning I talk about and at the end we can sing along with 'We seek your kingdom' this years song for Thy Kingdom Come - you can find just the song on YouTube here:

May God bless you this day and always



Saturday 15th May 2021- Thy Kingdom Come 2


Dear Everyone

When I woke this morning it was pouring with rain - great for the garden I thought! (Not that I am any kind of gardener....) I am thankful for the rain as I know we need it but would also be pleased if it could brighten up a bit as outside has become so important to us all both in our social and worshipping life together. How wonderful it has been to be able to sit with friends outside, and for us to be able to praise God with outside hymns at the end of our Sunday services.

It is good for us to praise God, our Thy Kingdom Come journal reminds us that "when we praise God, we put ourselves into perspective. We acknowledge that God is the source and origin of everything, even the breath we are taking right now. Without God there is nothing."

Later on the journal continues "When we stood outside on Thursday evenings in the summer of 2020 cheering the NHS, did we realise how much it would change us? By giving thanks, by praising, we learnt to put the needs of others before our own. We discovered a deep appreciation for those who put their lives at risk to serve us.......thanksgiving expands the heart!"

So today let us praise God for rain, for sunshine, for His abundance in all things, let us find space in our hearts and lives to be thankful, remembering who we are and whose we are. 

"Generous God, may I know your presence with me and may I sing your praises, defiantly praising your goodness even when there is so much that is wrong. Fill my heart with thanksgiving for all the blessings I receive in life. Expand my heart, and help me love, support and cherish those who serve me.And today help me show others the good things I receive in Christ and help me to live as sister or brother to all whom I meet" Amen

In Christ



Friday 14th May 2021- Thy Kingdom Come 1

Dear Everyone

Following yesterday which was Ascension Day, today marks the beginning of the 9 days of waiting and prayer between Ascension and Pentecost - and the global wave of Prayer known as Thy Kingdom Come. I would encourage you to make time each day for prayer and our Diocese has produced some resources to help with this: 

1. Daily Prayer Zooms

Join with others from around the diocese for 15-minute daily Zoom gatherings at 12 Noon throughout the Novena (Friday 14th – Saturday 22nd May). The leading of these gatherings is shared between Canterbury Cathedral and the Diocese, with the first one being led by Bishop Rose. We will spend 15 minutes in prayer each day, using our ‘Daily Waitings’ liturgies to reflect on the daily themes for Thy Kingdom Come. For details email


2. ‘Jesus meets us in the garden’

Our theme for Keep Praying Easter has been ‘Jesus meets us in the garden’, and we’ve been celebrating the glorious truth that prayer can happen anywhere, and that prayer is often at its richest in our favourite outdoor locations.

We’ve invited various people from around the diocese to make videos of themselves leading us in prayer from their favourite outdoor spaces, and the results are really worth a watch. From Whitstable seafront to the Romney Marsh, from rural garden idyls to construction sites, it’s an inspiring wander through the many landscapes of our diocese … and a prayerful one too.

The videos will be premiered on our Youtube channel each morning at about 8am, and all you need to do is click the link below each day to take a look. If you join us on the Daily Prayer Zooms, we will show the video for that day after the end of the 15 minute prayer time too.


You can find out more and download the 'Thy Kingdom Come' app here:
This will be the theme of our Service on Sunday at 10am at Bridge - for which there are still plenty of places so if you would like to attend please get in touch to book. We have a very special announcement to make in Church on Sunday (as if all the excitement of last week wasn't enough!).
I leave you now with a quote from the Thy Kingdom Come Prayer Journal (copies of which are available to collect from Bridge Church): 
"Life is hard. The way ahead isn't obvious. And faced with difficulty and uncertainty, God doesn't send us a rule book or a map. He sends a companion to walk with us: Jesus, the way. And he is not just the way for us - but for each and every person. Let us pray for those we know and love that they may find the way of Christ"
"Loving God, when I am feeling lost or lonely or afraid or uncertain of the way ahead, be my guide, a lamp to my feet and a light for my path. And help me to be a good companion to those I meet. In Jesus name I pray. Amen"
Be blessed and be a blessing today and always


Thursday 13th May 2021- Ascension Day

Dear Everyone


Today as many of you will already have spotted is Ascension Day - 40 days after the celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus we commemorate his return to the Father. In recognition of this we will have a service of Compline for Ascension Day this evening at 8pm. 

Today also marks the beginning of the 9 Days of Prayer between Ascension and Pentecost and the Global Wave of Prayer known as 'Thy Kingdom come'. Each day you will receive a prayer prompt from me by email inviting you to take time to pray 'Thy Kingdom Come' into your lives and the lives of our communities. 

For those of you who might find it helpful, there is an App for Thy Kingdom Come, created to spiritually nourish and encourage prayer during the days of Thy Kingdom Come. You can download the app from the google play store here and the app store here.

I look forward to praying with you and sharing in prayer in the days to come.

Every blessing



Sunday 9th May-6th Sunday of Easter

Dear Everyone

It's a special day today as those of us who are able to, meet in Bridge Church for a special service with Bishop Rose and Archdeacon Jo. I am so pleased that we will at last be able to celebrate and commission the new single parish, and whilst I have always thought of myself as your incumbent it will be good to be officially so from today!

Our last exciting announcement taking place this morning is the appointment of Miriam Westendarp as our new Lay Chaplain - you can read more about this in the weekly sheet attached.

It is of course sad that not everyone can join us for the service today. with just over 50 people attending through some really careful seating arrangements thanks to Laurence Dunderdale - we really are at our Covid capacity. We are however recording the service and later today I hope to be able to send you all a YouTube link so that those who wish to may enjoy the service from home. For what it is worth, we are in the process of exploring the feasibility and (substantial) cost of the technology to live stream services directly from our church so watch this space.

Please remember this week is Christian Aid week - and try out our water challenge as a fun and thought provoking fundraiser (details in the weekly sheet attached).

Lastly my thanks to you all, in spite of the challenges of the last year we feel blessed to be with you all here in the Bridge Group Parish and are very much looking forward to our future together, especially as life begins to open up again.

Every blessing



Dear Everyone

We had a wonderful service at 10am this morning and here (as hot of the press as I could manage!) is the link so you can join with us if you weren't able to be there with us this morning.

Thanks to all those who helped to make the service what it was, and especially to the choir for their singing and Jean Barber for making this happen!

My thanks to you all for your messages of support and encouragement and my especial thanks to all our PCC Members, Churchwardens and all who do so much to help run our churches.

Every blessing



Sunday 2nd May 2021- 5th Sunday of Easter

Dear Everyone

Happy May weekend! I hope you are all able to enjoy the Bank Holiday in some way - even if the weather doesn't behave!

Here is our online service for today and the weekly sheet.


The rest of this week's news is contained in the weekly pew sheet which is attached. Please take note of the information regarding Christian Aid week - we would really like to raise a good some of money with the Water Challenge (details in the sheet attached!) a very simple way both to raise our awareness and some much needed funds for Christian Aid.

My prayers for you all in the week to come.

Every blessing



Sunday 25th April 2021 - 4th Sunday of Easter

Dear Everyone

I hope you are all keeping well. It has been good to be back in a more normal routine this week and even better to have been able to take two weddings at St Peter's Bridge - what a joy!

Today is the 4th Sunday of Easter, sometimes known as Good Shepherd Sunday and more recently 'Vocations sunday'. In our services today, both online and in Church, our sermon is given by Bishop Rose, the Bishop of Dover. Here is the link for the online Service for today 

All the notices and important information that you need about future services and events are contained in the weekly notice sheet which is here

Every blessing



Sunday 18th April 2021- 3rd Sunday of Easter

Dear Everyone

Today we are back in Church for the first time since before Christmas with a 10am Communion Service at St Peter's Bridge. If you have booked your place to attend please don't watch today's online service beforehand (unless you really want to hear the same sermon twice!). 

Here is the link to our online service today and the weekly sheet.


Next week we are again in Church at Bridge for a 10am Communion Service - if you would like to attend please do get in touch with me to book your place. On 2nd May we have 8am BCP Communion at St Mary's Nackington and 10am Songs of Praise Service at St Peter's Bekesbourne - please contact Nicky Fry to book your place for this service. 

We have a PCC meeting this week on Wednesday evening on Zoom so if there are any matters you think we ought to be discussing please do let one of the Churchwardens or PCC members know. 

Best wishes for the week ahead and special prayers for all those returning to work or studies in education settings this week. 



Sunday 11th April 2021- 2nd Sunday of Easter

Dear Everyone

I hope you are all keeping well. Here is a service link for our service this morning which was mostly filmed and edited prior to the sad news of the death of Prince Philip on Friday. Our service does however begin with prayers and a moment of reflection for the Prince and the Royal Family: 
From the 18th April we will be back in the building with a 10am Communion Service at St Peter's Bridge. If you would like to attend a service please make sure you book your place by email or by phone. As time rolls on and we gain confidence in gathering again, and as restrictions are relaxed further we will be looking at what else we can begin to bring back in terms of services, gatherings and events. 
Watch this space!
Every blessing


Sunday 4th April 2021- Easter Sunday

Dear Everyone

.......he is risen indeed, Alleluia! Happy Easter to you all! I know we are all feeling the lack of joyful services together in church today. I hope the online offerings go some way towards enabling you to celebrate this most glorious of days! In addition I do hope, if you are able, that you manage to visit one of our churches at some point today. Huge thanks to all those who have taken the time to decorate all our churches for Easter.
There are two versions of our online service today our full length service can be found here: 


And a shorter family friendly version more suitable for sharing with children is here: 


Weekly Sheet is here.

In addition, if you would like to join me online via Zoom for Communion this morning this will take place at 10am - please email for details.

However you celebrate today may you be richly blessed with the knowledge of God's love, the joy of the Resurrection and the hope that we share in Christ Jesus our Lord.




Friday 2nd April 2021 - Good Friday

Dear Everyone

The collect for today, Good Friday, reads: 

Almighty Father,
look with mercy on this your family
for which our Lord Jesus Christ was content to be betrayed
      and given up into the hands of sinners
      and to suffer death upon the cross;
who is alive and glorified with you and the Holy Spirit,
one God, now and for ever.
All Amen.

Today we would usually spend time in contemplation of the cross and journey Christ made to it. Today St Mary's Nackington and St Peter's Bridge are both open if you wish to be in church for a moment of quiet reflection. 

In Bridge Church we have set up a guided prayer walk which we hope will enable you to connect with the vastness of God and his love for you. When you visit please observe the now well established practices of mask wearing, hand sanitising and maintaining physical distancing from others who may be in the building at the same time. 

If you would like to join with online services for Good Friday, Canterbury Cathedral is offering services at 9.30am, 12 noon and 5.30pm - you can find the links to watch here:

Please be assured of my continuing prayers.



Thursday 1st April 2021- Maundy Thursday

Dear Everyone

As we come towards the end of Holy Week, I hope you have found some space this week to reflect on the Passion Gospel shared in our service on Sunday. 
Here is a link for a service for Maundy Thursday which I hope will enable you to engage with the Last Supper and the worship traditions we hold that stem from that most significant event. I hope too that this service leads you into a quiet and devotional space for Good Friday.


For Good Friday itself, Nackington and Bridge Churches are open for anyone who would like to find a moment to reflect or pray. In Bridge Church Miriam Westerndarp has devised a series of prayerful reflections to follow which we have laid out in a circular route around Bridge Church. You are invited to visit the church to pray through these reflections. Please do take note of others who may be in the building at the same time and be careful to ensure social distancing and mask wearing in the presence of others. 
If you would like to attend a virtual service for Good Friday, Canterbury Cathedral has several options on Good Friday

Good Friday, 2 April

The Liturgy of Good Friday – Nave 9.30am 9.30 Online only
The Three Hours Devotion Online (The Dean) 12 noon 12.00 Online only
Nave open for Private Prayer only Note there will be some noise during this time 12-3 12.00-13.30 Open to Public
Choral Evensong – Nave 17.30 17.30 Online only
Please be assured of my continuing prayers for you all as we enter into these special days of devotion. 
Yours in Christ


Sunday 28th March 2021 - Palm Sunday


Dear Everyone

I hope you are all keeping well, I can hardly believe that we have already reached Palm Sunday and the start of Holy Week. 

Here is the link for our main service this morning which as well as celebrating Palm Sunday contains a reading of the Passion Gospel. Huge thanks to the brave 6 church members who undertook to read this for us. 


There is an alternative choice for worship today - our Family Service for Palm Sunday s just 15 minutes long with a more choice of music and can be viewed here: 

Lastly here is the weekly sheet which contains our schedule for worship during Holy Week and Easter. Please note those of you receiving this email from me directly do not need to contact me for the Zoom service links as I will send these to you all automatically during the week. 

As we enter this Holy Week and prepare for the celebration of Easter to come I pray you are able to find time to connect with the truth of the Gospel, that God so loved the world that he sent his only Son......


Every blessing


Sunday 21st March 2021

Dear Everyone

Thank you to everyone who took the trouble to write such kind messages of support following my sermon at the Cathedral last Sunday. It was such a privilege to have been asked and I really enjoyed being there - that so many of you watched it and found it helpful was good to know. I will say though it was very strange to be preaching to an empty Nave!

Here is our service for this week, which I filmed in St Mary's Lower Hardres - the lighting is a bit variable and apologies for the slight camera angle - it was straight when I set it but obviously slipped a bit after I had left it recording. The perils of virtual church!

This week our churches will be open on Tuesday for the National Day of Reflection and on Wednesday we will have our final Lent Group session on Zoom at 4.15 - do get in touch if you would like the link.

All other news is in the weekly sheet - here..

Next Sunday is Palm Sunday and there may be a special guest in our service - watch this space!

Every blessing



Sunday 14th March 2021 Mothering Sunday

Dear Everyone

If today is a day of celebration for you then I wish you a very happy Mothering Sunday, if today is a day that causes you pain, for any reason, please be assured of my prayers. Today is also known as 'Refreshment' or 'Laetare' Sunday - so if you are fasting from anything during Lent today you may treat yourself!
This morning I am inviting you to join in with the Livestream from the Cathedral - their Eucharist Service goes out at 10.30am and I am preaching. Once the service has taken place at 10,30am you can view it at any time during the day / coming week using the same link. 
Here is the link 


Our churches are open today and some have posies for you to collect and take to loved ones or special women in your life or the community. See the weekly sheet here for times and details.
However you spend today I pray you have a blessed Mothering Sunday: 

God our Father,
your Son Jesus Christ lived in a family in Nazareth:
Grant that in our families on earth
we may so learn to love and to live together
that we may rejoice as one family in your heavenly home;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen

In Christ


Sunday 7th March 2021


Good morning All


I hope you were able to enjoy the lovely sunshine yesterday. We went for a long walk and were delighted to see lambs in Bourne Park. 

Here is our service for today, Sunday 7th March, the 3rd Sunday in Lent.

Next week please join the service in the Cathedral here as I will be preaching there. 

Lent Group Update

We have decided to amalgamate out two Lent groups so this week is the last week that there will be a Sunday group - after this week there will be one group meeting on a Wednesday.

There are lots of updates for you in our weekly sheet which is here .


With my prayers and blessings



Sunday 28th February 2021

Dear Everyone

I hope you are all keeping well. The government's roadmap announced on Monday and the continuing roll out of the Covid vaccine gives us all hope for being able to be together again soon and this coupled with the lovely Spring-like weather Ithink has given us all a boost this week


Here is the link to our service this morning: 


The weekly sheet is here.

If you would like to join the sunday Lent Group at 10.30am this morning please email for the link.

The churchwardens and the PCC are meeting on Wednesday to begin to think about our own 'Roadmap' for reopening so watch this space.

Have a blessed week.




Sunday 21st February 2021

Dear Everyone

I hope you have all had a good week and enjoyed worshipping elsewhere last week. We enjoyed the snow! (and I confess I enjoyed a bit of time away from my computer and Parish matters).

Here is the link for our service this morning on this the 1st Sunday of Lent: 

Our Lent Groups start today, the first group will be meeting on zoom at 10.30 this morning - if you would like to join this group please email me for the link. There is a second group running at 4pm on Wednesdays starting this week. If you would like to join this group again please email me for the link.

The weekly sheet is here. If you have any items of news or anything you would like to share please do let me know. Please do note that the next two weeks are 'Fairtrade fortnight' and we would usually have Fairtrade items for sale in Church after our services. Sadly this is not possible at the moment but the weekly sheet contains some links and other suggestions. 

Best wishes



Sunday 14th February 2021

On this day when our society celebrates love in human relationships - may you know the transforming power of God's love for you...... to help, here are some words from Richard Rohr:

The Transforming Power of Love

Love is who you are. When you don’t live according to love, you are outside of being. You’re not being real. When you love, you are acting according to your deepest being, your deepest truth. You are operating according to your dignity. —Richard Rohr

Drawing from my many years of teaching, I can honestly say that the most powerful, most needed, and most essential teaching is always about love. Love is our foundation and our destiny. It is where we come from and where we’re headed. As St. Paul famously says, “So faith, hope, and love remain, but the greatest of these is love” (1 Corinthians 13:13).

My hope, whenever I speak or write, is to help clear away the impediments to receiving, allowing, trusting, and participating in a foundational love. God’s love is planted inside each of us as the Holy Spirit who, according to Jesus, “will teach you everything and remind you of all that I told you” (John 14:26). Love is who you are. All I can do is remind you of what you already know deep within your True Self and invite you to live connected to this Source.

The first letter of John reminds us “God is love, and whoever remains in love, remains in God and God in her or him” (1 John 4:16). The creation story in Genesis says that we were created in the very “image and likeness” of God—who is love (Genesis 1:26; see also Genesis 9:6). Out of the Trinity’s generative, loving relationship, creation takes form, mirroring its Creator.

If we are truly created in the “image and likeness of God”—then our family of origin is divine. We were created by a loving God to be love in the world. Our core is original blessing, not original sin. Our starting point is positive and, as it is written in the first chapter of the Bible, it is “very good” (Genesis 1:31). We do have a good place to go home. If the beginning is right, the rest is made considerably easier, because we know and can trust the clear direction of our life’s tangent.

We must all overcome the illusion of separateness. It is the primary task of religion to communicate not worthiness but union, to reconnect people to their original identity “hidden with Christ in God” (Colossians 3:3). God’s job description is to draw us back into primal and intimate relationship.

May we pray together:

God, lover of life, lover of these lives,
God, lover of our souls, lover of our bodies, lover of all that exists . . .
In fact, it is your love that keeps it all alive . . .
May we live in this love.
May we never doubt this love.
May we know that we are love,
That we were created for love,
That we are a reflection of you,
That you love yourself in us and therefore we are perfectly lovable.

May we never doubt this deep and abiding and perfect goodness.

We are because you are.


Adapted from Richard Rohr: Essential Teachings on Loveed. Joelle Chase and Judy Traeger (Orbis Books: 2018), v, 12–13; 


Rev. Estella Last


Sunday 7th February 2021


Dear Everyone

As January rolls on into February and I hear of more people receiving the Covid Vaccine I am hopeful that the time will soon come when we can gather for worship again in some way. We are also looking into Broadband and Live Streaming options so that we can continue to offer something online each week even when we are back in the building. If anyone has any expertise in this area and would like to help with this project please do get in touch - we could do with a small team to help take this forward.

Here is a link to our service for this morning: 


Please note that as next week is half term I am taking a few days leave so will not be recording a service for Sunday 14th February. 

You can join the Cathedral Live for their 10.30am Eucharist by following this link:

Or you could join our Friends in the Littlebourne Benefice here:

Or our friends in Barham here:


The weekly sheet  contains details of our Service for Ash Wednesday and for Lent groups which will be running from 21st February. Do let me know if you would like the link to join one of the groups on Zoom. 

My prayers will continue for you all. 

Every blessing



Sunday 31st January 2021


Dear Everyone

It was lovely to see so many of your smiling faces at our Celebration Service yesterday afternoon, Thank you for all your prayers, encouragement and good wishes. It was lovely to have something positive and uplifting to enjoy together. 

Here is the link for our service today and the weekly sheet is sheet 31.01.21.pdf .  

As January comes to an end I hope we shall see some more signs of Spring in the coming weeks. I will be in touch soon about our plans for Lent and Easter but do let me know if you have any thoughts, ideas or feedback you would like to share.


Lastly please pray for your PCC and churchwardens who are meeting this week. 


with love and prayers





As a Parish we take Safeguarding our community very seriously. Safeguarding issues can be raised by speaking to the following people:

Safeguarding Co-ordinator: Rev. Estella Last  01227 206272  email:

Safeguarding Officer: Rosemary Whatley via the office on 01227 206272 email:

Churchwardens: Evelyn Andrews, Laurence Dunderdale, Carol Day, Sue Isard,  Nicola Fry, Andrea Nicholson, Pauline Pritchard, Scilla Wright, Daphne Reece.

The Parish Safeguarding Policy can be found by clicking the link at the bottom of the page.

For more information on the Church of England Safeguarding Contacts please see the link below: