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Welcome to the Bridge Group Parish

We are a group of five rural church congregations joined as one single parish. All churches are within a few miles south of Canterbury and are overseen by our Vicar, Reverend Estella Last.

Upcoming Services

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Service details and readings for Services in August 2021

All our churches will have a 10am Communion Service on one Sunday during August. You are warmly invited to join us as we look forward to welcoming you back to all our churches. No booking required is required but depending on our local circumstances, mask wearing and social distancing may still be required in the building.Service details and readings for Services in August 2021



Known as


Church Service

1st August


9th Sunday after Trinity


Exodus 16.2-4,9-15; Psalm 78.23-29; Ephesians 4.1-16; 

John 6.24-35

10am Summer Communion Service (Songs of Praise style)

St Peter’s Bekesbourne


8th August

10th Sunday after Trinity

1 Kings 19.4-8; Psalm 34.1-8; Ephesians 4.25-5.2; 

John 6.35,45-51

10am Summer Communion Service

(Traditional Sung)

St Mary’s Nackington


15th August

 The Blessed Virgin Mary (11th Sunday after Trinity)


Isaiah 61:10-end;

Psalm 45:10-end

Galatians 4:4-7;

Luke 1:46-55

10am Summer Communion Service

(Traditional Sung)

St Mary’s Patrixbourne


22nd August

12th Sunday after Trinity



Joshua 24.1-2a,14-18; Psalm 34.15-22; Ephesians 6.10-20; 

John 6.56-69

10am Summer Communion Service

St Mary’s Lower Hardres


29th August


13th Sunday after Trinity

Deuteronomy 4.1-2,6-9; Psalm 15; James 1.17-27; 

Mark 7.1-8,14-15,21-23

10am Summer Communion Service

St Peter’s Bridge



Service details and readings for September 2021

These are the main services which will be taking place during September in our churches. We hope to be able to bring back Messy Church and perhaps some other opportunities for being together as time moves on and we will publicise these once we have been able to make some plans.

No need to book, but mask wearing and social distancing may still be necessary depending on local circumstances



Known as


Church Service

5th September

14th Sunday after Trinity

(AM) Isaiah 35.4-7a; Psalm 146; James 2.1-10 (11-13) 14-17; Mark 7.24-37




(PM) Psalm 119:41-56; Exodus 14:5-end;

Matthew 6:1-18

8am BCP Communion St Mary’s, Nackington


10am Songs of Praise St Peter’s Bekesbourne


6pm Choral Evensong St Mary’s Lower Hardres


12th September

15th Sunday after Trinity (Education Sunday)

Isaiah 50.4-9a; Psalm 116.1-9; James 3.1-12; 

Mark 8.27-38

10am Parish Communion

St Peter’s Bridge



19th September



16th Sunday after Trinity

Jeremiah 11.18-20; Psalm 54; James 3.13-4.3,7-8a; 

Mark 9.30-37

10am Traditional Sung Holy Communion at St Mary’s Patrixbourne


26th September

17th Sunday after Trinity

Jeremiah 11.18-20; Psalm 54; James 3.13-4.3,7-8a; 

Mark 9.30-37

10am Parish Communion

St Peter’s Bridge



Online Giving

Monday 1st June 2020

Supporting our churches financially during the Coronavirus Pandemic

Our churches rely heavily on donations made each week via the collection plate and our regular fundraising events and concerts which take place during the year. Sadly during this time when we cannot gather we have seen a drop in our income. We know this is true for many people out there and that many people are feeling the financial impact of our current situation. We are doing all that we can to provide support within our local communities and to keep everyone connected through online services, phone calls and correspondence, especially with those on their own. Even though our buildings are currently closed to the public, there is still a financial cost to the work and ministry of the church and the bills still need to be paid. If you are in a financial position to do so we would be grateful for any donation you are able to make to help support our churches in these difficult times.

You can now donate buy clicking on the link to our giving page

Thank you.



More Services


To find further information and guidance on Covid 19 and The Corona Virus visit the NHS  here or  the U.K Government  here

Sunday 12th September

Dear Everyone

It's a joy to be out and about and seeing people again but it's been a very full Sunday!

Here is the link to this morning's service complete with a rendition of Happy Birthday for Dorothy in Bridge, who celebrated her 101st birthday this week, at the start of the service. 

Praying you all have a blessed week




Sunday 29th August


Dear Everyone

Here is the link to this morning's service which was filmed at St Peter's Bridge

The weekly sheet is also here with news and updates about Parish life. 

Next week we will be welcoming our new Curate to the Parish. Rev'd Miriam Bier-Hinksman will be starting in the parish on Thursday 2nd September and with us on Sunday 5th for all our services. Do come along to welcome her if you can. 

Have a blessed week. 


Sunday 22nd August

Dear Everyone

Here is the link for the recording of today's service which took place at St Mary's Lower Hardres this morning. It was lovely to have so many there and to be back worshipping there this morning.


Also here is the weekly sheet - some dates for your diary are;  

11th September Friends of Kent churches Ride and Stride - do get in touch if you can help with manning a church or would like a sponsorship form for your own riding and striding!

15th October the Parish Quiz Night in aid of New Life Nyambene - do start to think about who might be on your team for this fun event!

Have a blessed Sunday


Sunday 8th August

Dear Everyone

I hear that the Benefice Service at Bekesbourne last Sunday went really well and was enjoyed by everyone who attended. Huge thanks to the team at Bekesbourne and to Rev'd Cat Darkins for enabling this service. We had a lovely wedding at Bridge yesterday and even managed to dodge the heavy showers of rain for lovely photos in the churchyard afterwards! It was lovely to have singing at a wedding again and the little Bridge choir led this beautifully.

Today our 10am Benefice Communion Service is at St Mary's Nackington. I hope to be able to send out a link to a recording of the service later today but please bear with me as we have two baptism services this afternoon. 

In the meantime the weekly sheet with the bible readings for today is here.

Have a blessed day



Sunday 18th July

Dear Everyone

I hope you are all enjoying the sunshine and not glued to your computers! But if you are having a quiet cool afternoon in the shade indoors here is the link from this morning's service at Bridge for you to view:

Later in the week we will be in touch with the details regarding the new arrangements for churches following the lifting of Covid restrictions from tomorrow. The Government and National Church have made it clear that whilst there are no legally enforceable restrictions in place, organisations that are hosting worship, events or activities still have a duty of care to keep all those attending, working, or volunteering as safe as possible and to be mindful of local infection rates and the possible vulnerability of those attending. 

The weekly sheet is here and it contains details of the service rota for August which is different from the rota we have been using recently as we will be worshipping each week in a different church. This is a really wonderful opportunity for us to be back in all our churches over the Summer. 

From Saturday 24th July I will be on leave until 6th August. This  means there won't be an online service for Sunday 25th July or Sunday 1st August.  If you need to make contact with the church for any reason during this time please contact your churchwardens or the church office.

Every blessing


Sunday 11th July 2021


Dear Everyone

Here is the link to today's service filmed at St Peter's Bridge. Please note that we have removed the need to 'book a place' for Sunday Services as we are now confident that we can provide sufficient Social distancing and those who wish to may sit in bubbles of up to 6 or two households. Currently mask wearing and social distancing (2 m) are still mandatory in churches and we are not yet able to have congregational singing inside the building. However we have been enjoying singing a final hymn together outside at the end of the service each week. 

 The weekly sheet is also sheet 11.7.21 (1).pdf

We don't yet know what the full implication of the possible lifting of restrictions from 19th July will be for Churches as the official Government guidance has not yet been published and the task force for places of worship has not yet met. Once this guidance is available we will work out what we need to do in our churches to ensure both compliance and that we are keeping each other as safe as we possibly can. 

Last week I was pleased to be able to visit the Year 6s at Bridge Primary School and give them copies of the Scripture Union Booklet 'It's your move' which is designed to support children as they make the transition from Primary to Secondary School. During the last week of term we will once again be hosting all the school children in their year group bubbles at St Peter's Bridge for their end of term services.

For the early part of this week I am delivering some online training for clergy and other leaders in our Diocese so may not be as responsive to emails / phone calls from Monday to Wednesday as I normally would be. This week we also have a Diocesan Synod meeting via Zoom on Wednesday evening and Deanery Synod at Wingham Church on Thursday evening so it is going to be a busy week.   

Next Saturday morning (17th July) the 'EcoChurch' team will be meeting at The Old Palace - if you are interested in environmental issues and would like to be part of this team please get in touch as you would be very welcome to join us. 

Have a blessed week 



Sunday 4th July 2021

Dear Everyone

Some of you will have had a message from me to say that due to Internet issues I couldn't get the service out to you all today - well the prayer was answered and although it's intermittent the internet returned briefly and I have been able to upload our Service from this morning at last!

Here is the Pet Service from Bekesbourne - apologies for the abrupt start!


Saturday 3rd July 2021

Dear Everyone

Before I go to the Cathedral this afternoon to be present for the Ordination of our Curate I thought it would be helpful to remind you that you can join the ordination service from home here: or here: 

Tomorrow we have 8am BCP at St Mary's Nackington and 6pm Evensong at St Mary's Lower Hardres (no need to book!) and the Songs of Praise Pet Service at Bekesbourne at 10am - please do let us know if you would like to attend this one. 

Later tomorrow I will upload a service recording from the morning for you to view if you are worshipping at home this week. 

Every blessing


Sunday 27th June 2021

Good Morning!

I hope you have all had a good week. This morning we will be celebrating the Patronal Festival of St Peter - to whom two of our churches (Bridge and Bekesbourne) are dedicated. 

Once again we will film the 10am service at St Peter's Bridge this morning and then upload this later in the day for you to view online as and when you would like to. 

The weekly sheet is here..

Have a blessed Sunday



Here is the link for today's Service filmed at St Peter's Bridge. 


Sunday 20th June 2021


Dear Everyone

I guess the traditional greeting today might be Happy Father's Day! Not something we celebrate particularly in Church except perhaps in the sense that every Sunday we celebrate the love of our heavenly Father. I pray whatever today holds for you, sadness at loss or broken relationship or the joy of celebration with family, that you know the love of God in all its constancy. 

Once again I will be aiming to upload a recording of our 10am Service this morning at some point during the day. 

If you are someone who leads prayers of intercession (or if you would like to think about giving this a go) our Deanery is arranging a prayer workshop on the morning of  10th July. It is open for anyone who might be interested in finding out more about different ways into prayer. If you would like to take part please let me know so that we can book you a place. 

Whatever you are doing today, have a blessed day. 

In Christ



Here is the link to today's Service which was filmed this morning. Apologies for the delay in getting this out to you. The hymn at the end doesn't quite convey the robust 'salvationist' atmosphere as we sung it outside in the brief sunshine this morning but hopefully you will enjoy it nevertheless.




Sunday 13th June 2021

Dear Everyone

This week, I will film the Morning Service at Bridge and upload it later in the day for those who would like to join in with our worship online. 

Our weekly sheet is here with the readings and various notices. 

Our Churchwardens met during the week to think through options for our worshipping life together in the coming months. We are really pleased with the successful reintroduction of Evensong, beautifully sung by the choir and with a joyful rendition of The Day thou gavest outside in the churchyard at Lower Hardres at the end last Sunday and look forward to more of this. 

This week the PCC are meeting on Wednesday so please make sure you let your Churchwardens or Parish reps know if you have any questions or matters for them to raise. 

Today after our main service I am baptising 3 children from two families who attend Bridge School - which is a real joy! Please pray for these children as they make this important step on their journey of faith. 


Have a blessed Sunday



Here is the link to the recording of this morning's service at St Peter's. Again the sound quality is a little on the quiet side so you may need to adjust the volume on your device. 




Sunday 6th June 2021

Dear Everyone

At the time of writing I am very much looking forward to three services in our Parish tomorrow - all pretty much fully booked to our current Covid Safe maximums which is such a joy! 

Unfortunately due to technical difficulties I haven't been able to upload an online service for you yet - but I plan to film our early service this morning and will upload it and send a link out as soon as I can later today. 

Hopefully at some point soon we will be able to reintroduce coffee and fellowship after our services - I'm afraid our online coffee and chat will have to stop for the time being as Sundays return to something more like normal. However as mentioned previously I can now conduct home visits so do get in touch if you would like to arrange a date. 

Every blessing




As a Parish we take Safeguarding our community very seriously. Safeguarding issues can be raised by speaking to the following people:

Safeguarding Co-ordinator: Rev. Estella Last  01227 206272  email:

Safeguarding Officer: Rosemary Whatley via the office on 01227 206272 email:

Churchwardens: Evelyn Andrews, Laurence Dunderdale, Carol Day, Sue Isard,  Nicola Fry, Andrea Nicholson, Pauline Pritchard, Scilla Wright, Daphne Reece.

The Parish Safeguarding Policy can be found by clicking the link at the bottom of the page.

For more information on the Church of England Safeguarding Contacts please see the link below: